How Do You Fix AKA Account Settings

 If you are new to aka ms account settings and do not know how to set up aka MS Account, do not worry, as every related detail is mentioned below, using which you can easily modify 

aka ms account settings

What is

It is related to Microsoft Account and is basically used to impose restrictions on the account so that the children do not get exposed to any adult content. Let us take an example of Minecraft, where the content needs to be restricted the most. So, for this, aka ms account settings are required to be modified. 

Also, one of the main purposes of using this feature of Microsoft Account is to provide complete privacy with files, folders, games, etc. So, no one other than you could access the stuff. 

When it comes to MS account settings error, it arises whenever any user tries to connect with the realm of friends. 

Why Does This Error Occur?

This error comes into existence when an account is connected to the parent one and due to restriction features modified by the parent account, the child account is also affected. As a result, a notification pops up whenever any terms and condition is violated by the child’s account while playing the game or accessing the restricted directory of files. So, it is quite normal if you are facing this error as it indicates some privacy settings to be rechecked. 

How to sync

To synchronize the aka ms account settings with other devices is quite easy and all you are supposed to do is, open up the device and go to its Microsoft account, here you have to log in with the same email ID as you used in the previous device. This way you will get the account synced automatically without having to worry about anything. 

There may be a scenario when you want to access any file like photos, videos, etc across all your device, in this case, the process of changing the ms account setting can become troublesome and so as to escape this, all you have to do is, log in to every device and perform the sync action, as a result of which you will all your settings synced to all your devices easily.

MS Account Settings not Working?

If your Microsoft Account settings are not working accurately, there can be several reasons associated with it, let us have a look at them one by one along with the solutions.

Reason 1: You might be using the beta version of the program or game, so avoid it, if this is the case. Beta versions are not fully tested and are given to users for free so that they could find the bug if it exists. Therefore, makes the beta version fully tested and trustworthy.

Reason 2: If you want to play with a group of your friends, it is possible only when you are using a non-beta version of the software. So, keep a note of this.

Reason 3: Sometimes, it is an antivirus or firewall causing the issue and in order to cope with this you may try disabling the antivirus or firewall for a while till you are playing a game or accessing the file.

Reason 4: It might be possible that you are using an outdated version of the game that is causing the issue. So, here you may use the up-to-date version in order to keep playing the game.

Reason 5: An improper internet connectivity can also be the possible reason if you are not able to play the game seamlessly. So, have your internet connection checked. It is suggested to use ethernet instead of Wi-Fi

Reason 6: Wrong router configuration can also be the culprit. So, make a note of it whenever you get stuck with the above-said problem and reconfigure the router so as to have a router with fresh settings.

Reason 7: If your realm is not operating fine or it lags every time, you may try restarting it.

So, these were the details about aka ms account settings, everything from what is it to solutions of the same has been mentioned in the above passages. If you are a novice and have very little knowledge of it, this guide can be your trusted and standalone choice.


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